Graymills introduces HP Indigo Edition Parts Washer

Designed with input from HP Indigo experts and leveraging 80-years experience in graphics and parts washing, Graymills has introduced the HP Indigo Edition Parts Washer (A-44213-A).

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Precise Ink Delivery To Your Press With "Dial-A-Flow"

The focus in the press room is on improving color consistency, process control and reducing press set-up time. Graymills new "Dial-A-Flow" Variable Speed Centrifugal Ink Pump Drive can contribute by delivering controlled ink flow to your press with the simple turn of a dial. Unpredictable, time consuming valve adjustments are out, replaced by a simple turn of the dial on a small control box, which...

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Automatic Power Switching For Graymills Peristaltic Pumps

Graymills International Award-Winning Peristaltic Pumps will now deliver the correct power input automatically, wherever 115V or 230V single-phase power is used. When the new "VE" model pump is turned on, the supplied power is automatically detected and the system adjusted...

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