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industrial pumpsBoth your Graymills™ distributor and our factory trained representatives are prepared to offer any assistance in selecting the right pump for your application. The more information you can furnish, the quicker—and more precisely—the appropriate pump and/or industrial pumping system can be selected.

What are the different types of industrial pumps?

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How do you select the right pump?

The more data you can identify, the more quickly and precisely an appropriate pump can be specified.  Factors include:

1. Maximum flow required (GPM).

2. Maximum pressure required. 

3. Description of the proposed piping installation. (Pipe diameter, height to which liquid will be pumped, number of fittings, total piping length). 

4. Type of liquid being pumped (Water, acid, slurry, etc.). 

5. Mounting/installation requirements. 

6. Voltage, hertz and phase

The following information identifies the major factors to be considered in specifying an industrial pump. If you are familiar with pump applications, you will need to refer only to the Motor Selection information in this section. Flow charts for each model appear on their individual pages.

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How do you determine the best motor for your industrial pump?

Pumps and Pumping Units are available with motors of all standard electrical characteristics. The most commonly used types are listed below with their Graymills Suffix. Other types of motors will be quoted upon request.

  1. After selecting the pump desired, select the type of motor with your required electrical characteristics. All Graymills pump motors are rated for 60 Hz operation and will operate continuously within plus or minus 5% of the rated voltage. Air motors are available for many models.
  2. Add the suffix letter to the base model number and also state voltage, hertz and phase when ordering.

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Can a Graymills Pump be reduced to 50 Hz?

All Graymills pump motors are rated for 60 Hz operation and will operate continuously within plus or minus 5% of the rated voltage.RPM and Performance of standard pumps at 60 Hz will be reduced when running at 50 Hz.

Can Graymills supply motors at special voltages?

Graymills supplies pumps worldwide and can supply motors meeting the electrical requirements of most areas. We regularly supply the following voltages; 220 volts, 50 Hz, 1 Ph; 380 or 415 volts, 50 Hz, 3 Ph. Please consult factory for more information.

Can Graymills pumps be equipped with air motors?

Most Graymills pumps can be equipped with rotary air motors, which include needle valve and muffler. We recommend the use of an air pressure filter-regulator-lubricator.

Special Pump Tank Combinations

Graymills supplies special systems to thousands of customers. We welcome your inquiry on special combinations of pumps, tanks and filters.

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