Centrifugal Ink Pumps & Tank Systems

Centrifugal Ink Pumps

Centrifugal ink pumps are the workhorse of the industry. They are low maintenance, take a lot of abuse, deliver ink in a non-pulsating flow, and provide in-tank circulation to keep material blended. Most Graymills centrifugal ink pumps feature “Tri-Rod” open columns, stainless steel rods and shaft, and Teflon™ coating for easy cleaning. These ink pumps are available with electric, electric explosion-proof, or air motors. Graymills offers a wide range of pumps and motors that comply with most international electrical and safety standards including CE, ATEX Ex, and UL. Quick Demountable (QD and QC) motor options on the H, M, and G series centrifugal ink pumps speed up press turnaround. Flow is easily controlled by the use of valves, or in the case of air  motor models, by the flow of air to the motor.

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