Ink Pump Accessories & Parts

Ink Pump Hoses

Graymills offers an extensive line of ink pump hoses and pressroom accessories. These include - hoses, fountain supply nozzles, flow controls, tank liners, basket strainers, ink funnels, Zahn Cups, air filter/regulator/lubricator, quick connectors, and fittings.

Specialty line for peristaltic pump and ink pump accessories.

Full range of genuine replacement parts for all Graymills Ink Systems. This includes motors, impellers, rotors, pump heads, diaphragms, shafts, gaskets, etc.

General Accessories

Basket Strainer – Removes Heavy Contamination

Developed for use in corrugated and tissue plants, 10 mesh (2000 micron) stainless steel basket fits inside standard U.S. 5 gallon pails. Return hose from fountain drains into strainer where heavy contaminants are trapped.

749-27341 Basket Strainer

Tank Liners – To Speed Clean-up

High density polyethylene reusable tank liners feature built-in sumps to conform to Graymills standard 10, 20 and 30 gallon round tanks. Disposable liners are available for 2 and 5 gallon tanks.

C-29128 2 gal. disposable, case of 250
607-07344 5 gal. disposable, case of 100
607-04850 10 gal. reusable
607-04851 20 gal. reusable
607-04852 30 gal. reusable

Flow Controls – For Proper Ink Delivery

Bypass flow controls, valves and nozzles permit easily adjusted control of the amount of ink delivered to the printing deck. Bypasses are not recommended with water-based inks as they can contribute to foaming.


738-02535-41 1/2” Gate valve
738-05045-41 1/2” Ball valve
738-02536-41 3/4” Gate valve
738-04280-41 3/4” Ball valve
PV14001 Pinch valve


B2GV For H3000, H4000, and M3 Series Pumps (includes gate valve)
B2 For H2000 Series Pumps with 5 gal tanks (includes pinch valve)
BP2002 For H2000 Series Pumps with 2 gal tanks (includes pinch valve)
BPVP For HV Series Pumps

Hose Support Spring – Prevents Hose Kinking

765-14070-13 For 1/2” and 3/4” ID hose (8” long)

Fountain Supply Nozzles

The convenient way to secure ink supply line to the fountain. Block mount permits easy adjustment of nozzle height.

C-21689 1/2” nozzle and mounting block
C-25988 3/4” nozzle and mounting block

Air Filter/Regulator/Lubricator (FRL) – Keep Air Motors Running

Filters and removes moisture from compressed air while adding oil mist lubrication. 0-160 PSI gauge, 1/4”and 1/8” outlet. Mounting brackets included.

FRL-1 1/4” ports
FRL-2 1/8” ports

Zahn Cups – For Accurate Viscosity Control

The standard of viscosity measurement in Flexographic and Rotogravure printing operations worldwide. Individually tested and calibrated. Polished stainless steel.

746-04568 #2 Zahn signature
746-08785 #2 E Z (equivalent Zahn, meets ASTM D4212)
746-07725 #3 Zahn signature

Ink Funnel – Makes Filling Ink Containers Easy

Large mouth prevents spills, keeps work area clean. Ten inch spout has “speed bumps” which keep ink from free-falling into tank to reduce splashing and foaming. High density polyethylene.

IF-5 Ink Funnel

Peristaltic Accessories

2GS 1 or 2 gallon stand. Pump bolts to top.
5GS 3 or 5 gallon stand. Pump bolts to top.
5GS-DH 1, 2, 3 or 5 gallon dual-pail stand for DH.
Pump bolts to top.
LBK “L”-shaped mounting bracket for direct mounting to press.
682-36240 Bracket for mounting DDPSFNT surge suppressor/filter to 5GS.
729-90598-50 3/8” replacement tubing for PPS/PQS models, 50’ per box.
729-90597-50 5/8”replacement tubing for PPL/PQL models, 50’ per box.
729-90588-50 5/8”extended life tubing for PPL/PQL models, milky white color, use for solvent inks, 50’ per box.

Replacement Rotors

PQLM-ROTOR For PQL Aluminum Head

Replacement/Spare Heads (Complete Assembly)

PPS For PPS Series, Standard Head
PPL For PPL Series, Standard Head
C-41374 For PQL Series, Aluminum Head
C-39597 For PQS Series, Removable Head
C-39600 For PQL Series, Removable Head
PPS-DHA For PQS Dual Head Series, Removable Head
PPL-DHA For PQL Dual Head Series, Removable Head 

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