Environmental Services

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Both you and your customers need quality equipment that will last.  Graymills parts washers are manufactured in the USA, and provide the most diverse range of cleaning equipment of any manufacturer.

Graymills provides parts washing equipment solutions in manual, immersion, ultrasonic, and spray cleaning methodologies. The Graymills test lab can test different methods and chemistries on your sample parts and provide documenting video showing the results.  Our machines can be customized to suit your requirements.  Typical customizations provide automated loading/unloading, temperature controls, and multi-stage clean, rinse and dry.

When your customer has a need that does not fit your standard offering, do not fear!  Graymills has the experience and expertise to act as your “cleaning consultant” to solve the customer’s problem and enhance your offerings.

We can provide private labels, custom paint colors, or provide custom equipment for you to meet and exceed your requirements.


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