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Certain models are OEM or special versions and are denoted by “A-“, a five digit number, and potentially a voltage code. If your product has this “A-“ designation in the beginning of its model number, please contact the factory at 877.465.7867 or by using our secure online form for further assistance.

Fluid Datasheets

Manuals (OMI) - Parts Washers

Accessory-795-23699FusibleLinkInstallationInstructions52.58 KBAccessory-AL-2WorkLight98.06 KBAccessory-OAPOilAbsorbentPad29.71 KBAccessory-TR-SeriesRollerPlatform594.33 KBAccessory-TurboBoostFiltrationSystem352.08 KBBioremediation Biomatic BIO436 and BIO536234.12 KBBioremediation Biomatic BIO822-A798.39 KBBioremediation Biomatic BIO922-A2.23 MBFluid Conditioning Oil Coalescer Connection Diagram95.26 KBFluid Conditioning Oil Coalescer OSEP-229.23 KBFluid Conditioning Oil Coalescer OSEP-5 and 5S225.95 KBFluid Conditioning Solvent Saver1.21 MBImmersion - T-Series Ultrasonic Liftkleen (Current)3.99 MBImmersion-T-SeriesUltrasonicLiftkleen(2013 and earlier)838.64 KBImmersion Liftkleen Class I104.79 KBImmersion Liftkleen Class II and III115.09 KBImmersion Liftkleen Class IV and V396.61 KBImmersion Liftkleen Connection Diagram2.19 MBImmersion TL-Series963.43 KBImmersion TR-Series Dryer2.85 MBImmersion TR-Series Heated3.08 MBImmersion TR-Series Unheated2.90 MBImmersion Turbo Clean-O-Matic1.26 MBManual Aqueous DH2264.03 MBManual Aqueous DH226 Parts List66.13 KBManual Aqueous DH436 and DH536235.00 KBManual Aqueous PH822229.15 KBManual Aqueous PH922-A2.50 MBManual Solvent 2R and H42RN Parts List231.86 KBManual Solvent Clean-O-Matic (All Models NON-1204)1.13 MBManual Solvent Clean-O-Matic -1204941.55 KBManual Solvent Clean-O-Matic 300 Parts List (NON-1204)348.90 KBManual Solvent Clean-O-Matic 500 Parts List248.24 KBManual Solvent Clean-O-Matic 800 Parts List123.63 KBManual Solvent Clean-O-Matic 900 Parts List486.97 KBManual Solvent Clean-O-Matic 902 Parts List462.04 KBManual Solvent Drum Mount -1204640.14 KBManual Solvent Drum Mount329.30 KBManual Solvent Flo-Bac2RandH42RN160.05 KBManual Solvent Handi-Kleen HK-150A1.52 MBManual Solvent Handi-Kleen PL364FB PL424FB -1204577.94 KBManual Solvent Handi-Kleen PL364 PL424 -1204614.85 KBManual Solvent Handi-Kleen PL36 Freeboard683.53 KBManual Solvent Handi-Kleen PL36 Parts List86.63 KBManual Solvent Handi-Kleen PL36 and PL4222.83 MBManual Solvent Handi-Kleen PL422 Parts List129.98 KBManual Solvent Printclean HP Indigo1.08 MBSpray Front and Top-Load Cabinet100.98 KBSpray Tempest High Pressure2.36 MBUltrasonic BTU Benchtop ANALOG104.82 KBUltrasonic BTU Benchtop DIGITAL546.50 KBUltrasonic BTV Benchtop1.22 MBUltrasonic CTU Console System1.42 MBUltrasonic SuperSonic1.42 MB

Manuals (OMI) - Controls and Misc.

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