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Certain models are OEM or special versions and are denoted by “A-“, a five digit number, and potentially a voltage code. If your product has this “A-“ designation in the beginning of its model number, please contact the factory at 877.465.7867 or by using our secure online form for further assistance.

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Manuals (OMI) - Parts Washers

Accessory-795-23699FusibleLinkInstallationInstructions52.58 KBAccessory-AL-2WorkLight98.06 KBAccessory-OAPOilAbsorbentPad29.71 KBAccessory-TR-SeriesRollerPlatform594.33 KBAccessory-TurboBoostFiltrationSystem352.08 KBBioremediation Biomatic BIO436 and BIO536234.12 KBBioremediation Biomatic BIO822-A798.39 KBBioremediation Biomatic BIO922-A800.23 KBFluid Conditioning Oil Coalescer Connection Diagram95.26 KBFluid Conditioning Oil Coalescer OSEP-229.23 KBFluid Conditioning Oil Coalescer OSEP-5 and 5S225.95 KBFluid Conditioning Solvent Saver1.21 MBHP Indigo PCL CE-Edition1.05 MBHP Indigo PCL UL-Edition1.06 MBImmersion - T-Series Ultrasonic Liftkleen (Current)3.99 MBImmersion-T-SeriesUltrasonicLiftkleen(2013 and earlier)838.64 KBImmersion Liftkleen Class I104.79 KBImmersion Liftkleen Class II and III115.09 KBImmersion Liftkleen Class IV and V396.61 KBImmersion Liftkleen Connection Diagram2.19 MBImmersion TL-Series963.43 KBImmersion TR-Series Dryer2.85 MBImmersion TR-Series Heated3.08 MBImmersion TR-Series Unheated2.90 MBImmersion Turbo Clean-O-Matic1.26 MBManual Aqueous DH2264.03 MBManual Aqueous DH226 Parts List66.13 KBManual Aqueous DH436 and DH536235.00 KBManual Aqueous PH822229.15 KBManual Aqueous PH922-A800.23 KBManual Solvent 2R and H42RN Parts List231.86 KBManual Solvent Clean-O-Matic (All Models NON-1204)1.13 MBManual Solvent Clean-O-Matic -1204941.55 KBManual Solvent Clean-O-Matic 300 Parts List (NON-1204)348.90 KBManual Solvent Clean-O-Matic 500 Parts List248.24 KBManual Solvent Clean-O-Matic 800 Parts List123.63 KBManual Solvent Clean-O-Matic 900 Parts List486.97 KBManual Solvent Clean-O-Matic 902 Parts List462.04 KBManual Solvent Drum Mount -1204640.14 KBManual Solvent Drum Mount329.30 KBManual Solvent Flo-Bac2RandH42RN160.05 KBManual Solvent Handi-Kleen HK-150A1.52 MBManual Solvent Handi-Kleen PL364FB PL424FB -1204577.94 KBManual Solvent Handi-Kleen PL364 PL424 -1204614.85 KBManual Solvent Handi-Kleen PL36 Freeboard683.53 KBManual Solvent Handi-Kleen PL36 Parts List86.63 KBManual Solvent Handi-Kleen PL36 and PL4222.83 MBManual Solvent Handi-Kleen PL422 Parts List129.98 KBManual Solvent Printclean HP Indigo1.08 MBSpray Front and Top-Load Cabinet100.98 KBSpray Tempest High Pressure2.36 MBSpray Tempest SWF Front Load957.64 KBUltrasonic BTU Benchtop ANALOG104.82 KBUltrasonic BTU Benchtop DIGITAL988.79 KBUltrasonic BTV Benchtop1.22 MBUltrasonic CTU Console System1.42 MBUltrasonic SuperSonic1.42 MB

Manuals (OMI) - Controls and Misc.

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