Bioremediation Parts Washers & Cleaners

Bioremediation Parts Washers

Parts washers offering an environmentally friendly way to clean parts

These heated parts cleaners use hydrocarbon converting microbes to reduce solid waste and virtually eliminate fluid disposal. The hydro-carbon converting microbes are added to the cleaning solution and break down oils, grease and other organic impurities into water and carbon dioxide. The advantage for users is that the cleaning fluid almost never needs replacing.

The bioremediation process is greatly helped by a built-in tank solution aeration system that increases the effectiveness of the microbes. This self-sustaining system reduces your dependence on cleaning solution changes and recycling companies.

Constructed of the same thermoplastic as our PH922, the BIO Series uses the same cleaning processes of Flow-Thru brush or flexible Stay-Put nozzle, shares a flow control valve, plus similar construction and 300 lb. capacity. The cleaning solution is held at a constant 110°F (44°C) for optimum cleaning effectiveness and system maintenance.


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Our special pH neutral Biotene cleaning fluid and microbe system ensures an extended life for cleaning fluids without costs to change or dispose of fluid. The warm detergent is mild and pleasant to work in, and replacement filters are available to re-invigorate fluids.

Machine Features:

  • Thermostatically controlled 1,400 Watt heater delivers heated solution up to 110°F (44°C)
  • Rugged thermoplastic corrosion-resistant construction is backed by five-year warranty
  • Flow-Thru brush, flexible Stay-Put nozzle—brush or flush away soil with 300 GPH pump
  • Low liquid level shuts off heater in event liquid level drops below a set point
  • GFI shuts entire unit down in event of electrical short
  • Filtration is achieved by a strainer and polypropylene cartridge
  • 9” soak depth tank; molded bottom ridges allow soaking parts with detergent circulation while parts sit above sludge
  • Removable stainless steel work shelf for easy positioning of parts while hand cleaning
  • cETLus certified to UL1204 by ETL

Optional Features:

  • Worklight for better visibility
  • Caster cart for mobility



Available Cleaning Action

Bioremediation, Soak, Directed Stream, Heated, Brush

Operating Fluid Capacity

12 to 30 Gallons

Tank Capacity

30 Gallons

Overall Dimensions

43”L x 28-1/2”W x 38”H

Working Space

35”L x 21-1/2”W x 15”D

Soaking Depth

9” Maximum

Maximum Part Weight

300 Pounds (Soak) / 150 Pounds (Shelf)

Pump Output

300 GPH

Heater Power

1,400 Watts

Operating Voltage (Amps)

120VAC (15A)

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