Ink Pumps & Systems

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Industrial ink pumps and systems are the workhorses behind the scenes in various printing applications. They are responsible for efficiently and precisely moving ink throughout the printing process. These systems come in different configurations to handle various ink types, viscosities, and printing press requirements.

There are three main types of industrial ink pumps:

For over 80 years, Graymills has worked with press builders, converters, and ink makers developing ink circulating and conditioning systems to meet their unique requirements. Because presses vary from narrow web flexo to huge gravure publication presses, Graymills has developed a variety of systems to match press requirements. We’re eager to help you with your ink pumping, circulating or conditioning needs. Graymills’ factory-trained representatives are located throughout the United States and in principal cities worldwide. Contact us today to learn more regarding our ink pumping system and ink circulation systems.

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Ink Pumps and Systems

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