Double Diaphragm Pump Series Surge Supressor Filters

surge suppressor filter

ADVANTAGES to the Superflo® Surge Suppressor Filter:

All the benefits of the standard Superflo filter, but built to smooth the flow found in reciprocating pumps. 

Graymills Superflo® filters are designed to overcome the typical pressure drop and reduced flow due to clogging that occurs with ordinary filters.  A permanent magnet suspended over the intake port traps ferrous particles which find their way into fluid, and diffuses the flow outward into the filter screen flutes

Filtered material is trapped on the inside of the removable/reusable stainless steel filter cartridge.  To clean, just remove the cartridge.  All the contaminants come out with it. Graymills Superflo® filters are self-draining—no messy leftovers to deal with.

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Superflo Surge Suppressor   


  1. Lid designed with recessed seat and pressure ridge for positive gasket seal. Other manufacturers cut corners and use flat sealing surfaces that are prone to leaks and blowouts.
  2. Large, easy-to-grasp metal wing nuts threaded on stainless studs hold up to the rigors of daily use, unlike plastic components on competitive units. Blind threads eliminate dried contaminant build-up which can interfere with easy operation.
  3. Teflon ® coated inside and out. Repels fluids for easy cleaning. Will not peel, unlike nylon coatings on other filters.
  4. NEW stronger, smooth, easy to clean magnet suspended over inlet port to remove ferrous particles from the fluids before they can cause damage.
  5. Reusable stainless steel filter cartridge fits into inlet to assure all fluids pass through filter screen without any blow-by.  Fluted filter screen increases filtration capacity.
  6. Can mount directly or in-line with pump discharge. Self draining.




  • 11-3/4” high x 5-3/4” wide
  • 1” NPT inlet port (3/4” reducer included)
  • 1” NPT outlet ports  (3/4” reducers included)
  • Rugged vellumoid gaskets standard
  • High performance non-stick Teflon® coating
  • Choice of four mesh screens: 30 mesh (590 micron), 60 mesh (250 micron), 100 mesh (150 micron), and 150 mesh (100 micron)
  • Includes pinch valve to further modulate flow



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