Automatic Power Switching For Graymills Peristaltic Pumps


Graymills International Award-Winning Peristaltic Pumps will now deliver the correct power input automatically, wherever 115V or 230V single-phase power is used. When the new "VE" model pump is turned on, the supplied power is automatically detected and the system adjusted. 

For press builders and printers, this means that they will need only one pump for use in most countries in the world (CE available). In North America, one pump can run on both the 115V and 230V power commonly found in facilities. Inventory will be reduced (the right voltage and parts will always be there), lowered costs, no possibility of shipping the wrong pump. Installation and maintenance will be easier.

Graymills "VE" model offers O.E.Ms and Multi-National printers unique benefits and cost savings.

For more information and product literature, contact:
Graymills Customer Service at 888-472-9645 or

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