For over 75 years Graymills Corporation has provided numerous services to the flexographic and gravure printing industries, automotive, aerospace, optical, medical, petrochemical, and general manufacturing industry. These services include engineering support, machine design, and manufacture as well as low-volume production. Our diverse industry experience provides a platform of knowledge which provides solutions to our customer’s challenges.


Automotive & Fleet Industry

Clean engine, transmission and various other mechanical components for service/repair/rebuild.

Flexographic & Gravure Printing Industries

Inking systems, pumps, filters and pressroom cleaning.

General Industrial

Manufacturing or Repair/Service.

Medical & Aerospace Industry

Stand-alone and multi-process wash systems including immersion, spray cabinet, and ultrasonics for sophisticated precision cleaning and processes. Wash systems for machinery maintenance.

Machine Tools

Specially developed pumps, tanks, and filtering solutions for machine tools OEM’s and end users.


Specially developed pumps, tanks, and systems for the optical industry.

Petrochemical Industry

Oil field equipment service/repair/rebuild.

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