Tempest™ SWF Front-Load

The Tempest™ SWF Front-Load spray wash cabinet offers hands-off cleaning that can be applied to simple and complex parts. 

It is designed for:

Included Features:

  • Stainless steel sheet metal construction, including plumbing for machine longevity
  • Easy-change nozzle clamps for quick cleaning
  • Swing-down spray bar for better cleaning of shorter parts
  • Digital temperature controls with real-time fluid temperature display
  • Turntable jog button for parts-positioning
  • Top-notch for overhead hoist loading and unloading of heavy parts
  • 1/2" NPT in fitting in center of turntable for easy construction of parts tree
  • Low liquid cutoff with stainless steel float switch to disable heaters and prevent damage to machine in a low liquid situation
  • Removeable stainless steel panels for easy access during tank cleanout
  • 24/7 Heater and Skimmer controls for maximum efficiency (Skimmer optional)
  • Digital cycle timer for precision process control
  • No components on rear of machine so it can be placed against wall
  • 4” Vent collar on top of machine for ventilation
  • Controls certified to UL508A and CSA C22.2 #286


Physical/Performance Specifications

  Tempest SWF3343
 Overall Height  79"
 Overall Width

 54" (Door Closed)  73" (Door Open)

 Overall Depth  42"
 Turntable Diameter  33"
 Working Height  43"
 Max Parts Load  1,500 lb.
 Heater Power  9kW
 Voltages  230/1, 230/3, or 460/3
 Operating Fluid Capacity  90 Gallon
 Pump Performance  60 gpm


Additional Options:

  • Oil Skimmer - A chemically-resistant 12” diameter skimming wheel to remove tramp oil from the top of the cleaning solution
  • Auto Water Fill - Dual stainless steel float switches attached to a solenoid to maintain proper fluid levels
  • Caster Mobility Package - High-capacity 5” swivel casters with wheel locks for easy positioning
  • Stainless Steel Filtration - Bag-style  #4 stainless steel filter with 50-micron element between pump and nozzles to eliminate nozzle clogging and redepositing of debris on part

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