Immersion Parts Washers

Immersion Parts Washers


What is Immersion Cleaning?

Immersion cleaning is the process by which the parts to be cleaned are placed in the cleaning solution to come in contact with the entire surface of the parts. It is the most effective degreasing method, even if not the fastest one.

When should you use Immersion Cleaning?

Immersion cleaning is preferred for parts that must be placed in baskets and for processes requiring a long soaking time because of the type of contamination to be removed or the shape of the parts.

What kind of cleaning solvents do you need with Immersion Cleaning?

Traditional cleaning solvents as well as aqueous detergents, heated (aqueous only) or at room temperature can be used with Immersion Cleaning.

Performances can be improved by heating, moving the parts within the liquid or with agitation of the liquid mechanically.

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What kind of features are available with an Immersion Cleaner?


Soaking is the simplest, least aggressive cleaning action. It is more effective with longer immersion time. This cleaning action is applicable where soils are easily removed and where low equipment cost is important.

Turbo Fluid Agitation

This cleaning action is a result of the constant movement of the solution through and around the soiled parts. It provides faster cleaning than manual applications. A variety of pump circulated systems are available for fluid agitation.

Lift Platform Agitation

A “scrubbing” action is achieved by continually moving the parts vertically through the cleaning fluid. The motion is accomplished by a pneumatically operated platform in the tank. The system is automatic. The cleaning action is intensified when used in combination with Turbo fluid agitation. It is ideally suited for a wide range of cleaning tasks.

Heated Solution (water-based solution only)

The effectiveness of water-based cleaning solutions increases dramatically as the temperature increases. The optimum recommended temperature is governed by the equipment and the particular detergent used.

What kind of fluids does an Immersion Parts Washer clean with?

Solvent and Aqueous Immersion Parts Washers

All of Graymills’ immersion degreasers are offered for use with both solvent and water-based cleaners. Heated units are not for use with solvents.

Solvent Parts Washers vs. Aqueous Parts Washers?

Solvent Parts Washers

Ideal for cleaning of metal, plastics and painted surfaces. Grease, motor oil, cutting oil and water soluble oils are removed with ease. Gummy deposits unaffected by ordinary mineral spirits are readily softened or removed. Use of Graymills’ Agitene line of products is recommended.

Aqueous Parts Washers

Graymills versatile line of aqueous cleaners can be used for removing virtually any organic or inorganic soil, including greases, oils, soft carbons, epoxies, hard water residue, corrosion, oxides, paints, plating salts, rust and smut. Use of Graymills’ Aquatene water-based cleaners is recommended and they work most effectively when heated and require only a water rinse.

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