Trucking & Automotive Parts Washer Systems

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Graymills offers solutions for the truck and automotive fleet industries through automotive parts washer systems and cleaning equipment. We can offer equipment from small projects to larger corporation needs.

Maintenance and rebuilding operations require cleaning engines, transmissions and various other mechanical components for service and repair.  A favorite of the MRO sector is the manual high-pressure spray Tempest cabinets for making quick work of any project.  From the manufacturing floor to the maintenance room - we have the solution you are looking for.

Graymills provides equipment solutions in manual, immersion, ultrasonic, and spray cleaning methodologies. The Graymills test lab can test different methods and chemistries on your sample parts and provide documenting video showing the results.  Our machines can be customized to suit your requirements. Typical customizations provide automated loading/unloading, temperature controls, and multi-stage clean, rinse and dry

Graymills has parts cleaners for manual solvent and automated aqueous cleaning.  Our benchtop ultrasonic cleaners provide the option to clean parts with holes and hard to reach surfaces.  Graymills parts washers are manufactured in the USA, and provide the most diverse range of cleaning equipment of any manufacturer.

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