Turbo Boost Filtration

Turbo Boost Filtration

Large scale filtration down to 0.5 microns

The Turbo-Boost System draws contaminated aqueous or non-flammable solvent parts cleaning solution through a strainer basket that eliminates large particulate. Remaining contaminants are collected in a replaceable, disposable filter bag. Clean, dual-filtered detergent is pumped back to the parts washer through Turbo-Boost eductor nozzles. Entire fluid volume is continuously filtered every few minutes.

The Turbo-Boost System for Liftkleen™ models enhances performance in five ways:

  1. Continuous filtration keeps contaminants from re-settling on already clean parts
  2. Clean, filtered fluid is returned to parts washer through eductor venturi nozzles increasing cleaning power four times through additional fluid agitation
  3. Increased Turbo Agitation speeds cleaning cycle by increasing in-tank agitation four times
  4. Eductor action sweeps tank bottom to eliminate sludge build-up
  5. Life of the cleaning solution is greatly extended

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