Industrial Parts Washers

Selecting the Right Parts Washer

Both your Graymills™ distributor and our factory trained representatives are prepared to offer any assistance in selecting your parts cleaner. The more of the following information you furnish, the quicker—and more precisely—the appropriate parts washer, for your part degreasing and cleaning needs, can be selected.

  1. Soils to be removed.
  2. Current cleaning method used.
  3. Material(s) from which your parts are manufactured.
  4. Size, weight, configuration, and quantity of the parts to be cleaned per day.
  5. Operations immediately before and after cleaning. (e.g. “machine before/paint after.”)
  6. Preferred method of handling: manual or automatic.
  7. Single or multi-step cleaning required.
  8. Type of cleaning fluid: solvent or water-based.
  9. Budget

Parts Washer Systems

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