For use with TR-Series, TL-Series, and L-Series Liftkleen Units

Roto-Basket accessory for “T” Series Parts Washers effectively cleans small parts by creating a gentle, tumbling action to expose all surfaces to the cleaning solution. It is a hands-free cleaning process that reduces labor and saves time.

Stainless steel expanded metal drum/basket assembly, rotary mechanism and frame assembly. Attaches to the platform of any Graymills “T” Series Liftkleen™ and holds up to 35 lbs. of parts.

The lift mechanism in the parts washer lowers the basket into the cleaning solution. As the lift platform agitates up and down, the rotating basket turns on a 60° index for every down stroke, thoroughly cleaning the smallest and most fragile parts.

  • Roto-Basket is 100% mechanically driven – the pawl and ratchet mechanism uses the up and down motion of the lift platform to turn the drum, no electric motors or drives are needed
  • Optional Station makes Load/Unload easy – separate from the Roto-Basket drive mechanism, the Load/Unload station allows for easy, convenient loading and unloading of baskets
  • System is a drop-in retrofit—requires only a few minutes to install







Roto-Basket (includes mechanical drive)

20-1/2” Long x 13” Wide x 11” High

26 Pounds


Additional Basket (without mechanical drive)

20-1/2” Long x 13” Wide x 11” High

13 Pounds


Load/Unload Station

18-5/8” Long x 14-3/8” Wide x 15” High

18 Pounds

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