New Video from Graymills Features Best Practices for Pump Maintenance


BROADVIEW, IL, February 26, 2019 - Graymills has produced a new “how to” video detailing best practices for maintaining a peristaltic pump.  The company’s patented peristaltic pump, an integral part of countless press rooms, was designed specifically for flexo and gravure printing applications.  Proper pump maintenance, operation, and best practices increase overall equipment efficiency and decrease material waste.

The video describes the unique components of the pump and how they enable quick changeover and reduce downtime. It recommends the type of lubricant that should be used, how to prevent the rotor from hitting the same pressure point continuously, how to improve flow rates and how to extend the life of the tubing. Also featured in the video is information on how to change the pump heads within seconds and without tools and what to do in the event of a hose break. Lastly, the video describes how to reverse the ink flow so that unused ink can be returned to the tank which can result in substantial savings when using specialty inks.

According to Kristen Shields, president of Graymills, “We created this video to enable our customers to prolong the life of their peristaltic pump, keep their press rooms running at peak efficiency and decrease waste by reusing inks. We’re confident it will be a valuable resource for converters wanting to optimize flexographic and gravure press efficiencies and production.” 

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