Graymills Introduces NEW Tempest™ High-Pressure Manual Spray Washer


The Graymills Tempest units have been a steadfast and lasting performer for decades, but we knew we could do better and improve upon an already great platform.  In 2023 we set out to modernize and improve the Tempest™ and the results exceeded our own expectations with the new generation, called the MHF.


Why Use a Tempest™ Spray Washer?

There are lots of ways to clean your parts - immersion, agitation, high-pressure spray, medium-pressure spray, ultrasonics, and good old manual scrubbing. So why use a Tempest™ high-pressure spray washer?

  • Fast.  There are few things in cleaning more gratifying than watching debris and contaminants ripped away from the parts being cleaned.  Dare we say it?  It’s fun to run!
  • Powerful.  600psi out the nozzle (over 10x the pressure of a typical spray cabinet) the Tempest™ MHF can strip away contaminants fast.
  • Flexible. Adjustable on the fly from a focused blast to a fan; aim the pressure where you need it. Blind holes, gaskets, and tough greases are no match. Cleaning out bearings? Working on cylinder heads? It’s easy.
  • Efficient. Up to 15 gallons of twice-filtered recirculated detergent, you can stretch the time between fluid changeouts.  Oily parts?  Stretch your fluid dollar further with the optional oil skimmer.
  • Enclosed. Keep the spray and noise inside the cabinet where it belongs.
  • Reliable. Redesigned with an eye towards long service life and easy maintenance.  Amongst other improvements, the new MHF units come with UL and CSA-certified controls.

Common applications include:

  • Tool Room 
  • Bearing cleaning
  • Maintenance
  • Production
  • Rebuilders

Common industries served:

Hand-off Cleaning for simple to complex parts

The ultimate in operator comfort, the MHF units keep the operator’s hands clean and out of cleaning solution. The operator simply slips their hands into gloves and directs up to 600 psi of heated cleaning detergent at the parts for rapid cleaning.

Fast heat-up, illuminated cabinet and a window-clearing blower are standard on both units. Flexible neoprene gloves, a convenient air-actuated on/off foot pedal switch, and ergonomic working height maximize user comfort and result in increased efficiency. An adjustable on-the-fly spray nozzle can be set to a wide fan or pinpoint stream to direct cleaning power where needed. A 110-mesh drain filter traps debris and a 100-mesh suction filter continuously filters fluid.

The goal at Graymills was to improve on the prior Tempest™ 10 and 20 spray cabinets to make it easy and efficient for hands-off cleaning for simple to complex parts. We heard from our customers about the need to provide fast, flexible cleaning with minimal lost time due to maintenance and repair.

The result is a spray cabinet with:

  1. 600 psi of enclosed pressure
  2. FIts a wide variety of parts
  3. Quick-change connections and a wheeled tank for easy changeover of fluids
  4. Two sizes available - Suit your cleaning needs while keeping a small footprint
  5. Electrical controls conform to UL508A & certified to CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 286
  6. Only requires a standard 115V socket

Standard Tempest MHF features:

  • MHF3640 – 34”L x 39”D x 24”H large capacity work chamber
  • MHF3626 – 34”L x 24”D x 24”H large capacity work chamber
  • Stainless steel cabinet
  • 13-gallon rollout stainless steel solution reservoir; easy to change
  • Up to 600 PSI, 1 HP triple-piston brass pump delivers cleaning power directly onto parts.
  • Stainless steel pump upgrade available (see below).
  • 1,375 Watt heater provides a heated cleaning solution (up to 120°F) that cleans without grit
  • Window blower clears detergent and spray for easy viewing of the cleaning chamber
  • One-handed gas spring-assisted door allows easy access to the entire cleaning chamber
  • Variable output nozzle can be set from a wide fan to a pinpoint stream to allow the operator to adjust cleaning force as needed
  • Both models come standard with a raised stainless steel work shelf to keep your parts off the bottom
  • 115V/60Hz/1 Phase power (15A). 230V also available.

Optional features of this cabinet include:

  1. Blow-off nozzle for parts drying
  2. Oil Skimmer to remove surface oil from tank
  3. Ball transfer table for manipulating heavy parts inside of the unit

The Tempest™ family of parts washers is built with the same trusted quality that Graymills is famous for worldwide. They are built using stainless or mild steel. 

This new model’s features includes an interior multi-level spray option with a swing-down spray arm. Industrial controls allow for adjustable washer temperature, digital temperature display, 24/7 timers for operation and heating, low fluid shut off, and a turntable job button for easy part orientation. The standard pumps used are sealless and low-maintenance. Engineered with a friction drive system, this parts washer delivers power to clean a multitude of parts. 


Tempest MHF Specifications

• Work Area: 34”x27” (MHF3628) or 34”x39” (MHF3640)

• Max Working Height: 21”

• Max part load: 500 lb

• Heater power: 1375 watt

• Voltage: 115/60/1 (others available)

• Operating fluid capacity: 8-15 gallons

• Working pressure: 600 psi


Built to Suit Your Needs

Many Graymills parts washers are customizable from exterior features such as custom powder coating to additional functions such as oil skimmer, customized with upgraded motors and pumps, ball transfer tables to manipulating heavy loads, and filtration upgrades. 


Since 1939, Graymills has been designing and manufacturing some of the best parts washers, pumps, and other machinery on the market. And that is done by constantly innovating and improving our product line. 

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