Graymills Introduces NEW Tempest Spray Washer Cabinet


Since 1939, Graymills has been building and manufacturing some of the best parts washers, pumps, and other machinery on the market. And that continues with constantly innovating and improving our product line. 

Our original Tempest spray cabinet has been one of the most sought-after parts washers. Our customers let us know there was a need for the power of our Tempest but reimagined as a turntable design to accommodate larger parts.

Stick large parts such as engine blocks and transmissions into the unit, or hold multiple smaller parts on customizable fixtures. Either way, the Tempest SWF3343 efficiently removes oils, greases, chips, and other debris from the parts in a hands-free manner.

 Tempest SWF3343 Spray Washer Cabinet Exterior

Hand-off Cleaning for Simple to Complex Parts

Our engineering team went to the drawing board with the insights, feedback, and experience of our existing Tempest line to create the NEW Tempest Spray Washer Cabinet.  The goal was to build a spray cabinet that made it easy and efficient for hands-off cleaning for simple to complex parts. In addition, we heard from our customers about the need to provide flexible cleaning with minimal lost time due to maintenance and repair.

The result is a spray cabinet with the following:

  1. Easy and flexible fixturing,

  2. Easy loading of heavy parts,

  3. Easy field service and repair,

    4. And maybe most importantly, easy clean-up between jobs.

     Tempest SWF3343 Spray Washer Cabinet Options


Additional Features of the Tempest Spray Washer Cabinet Include:

  1. The ability to clean single or multiple parts

  2. Controls certified to UL Std 508A and CSA Std. c22.2 No. 286

  3. Repair/replace heaters without draining tank for quick repairs and maintenance

  4. Easy clean-out access for fast fluid changes

  5. The minimized footprint for efficient floor space usage

  6. Easily removable nozzles for fast declogging or pattern changes

  7. Large working envelope for maximum utility

  8. Works with a wide variety of aqueous chemistries to provide the right cleaning for specific needs

  Tempest SWF3343 Spray Washer Cabinet Heater

The Tempest family of parts washers is built with the same trusted quality that Graymills is famous for worldwide. They are built using stainless or mild steel. With a working height of 43” and 33” diameter turntable, this parts washer can accommodate large parts with a maximum weight of 1500 lbs or small parts fixtured on customer-built parts trees via a standard NPT connection in the center of the turntable

This new model includes interior multi-level spray with a swing-down spray arm. Industrial controls allow for adjustable washer temperature, digital temperature display, 24/7 timers for operation and heating, low fluid shut off, roof egress for hoist loading, and a turntable jog button for easy part orientation/loading/unloading. The standard pump used is sealless and low-maintenance. Engineered with a friction drive system, this parts washer delivers power to clean a multitude of parts. 

 Tempest SWF3343 Spray Washer Cabinet Open Interior

Built to Suit Your Needs

All Graymills parts washers are customizable from exterior features such as custom powder coating to additional functions such as oil skimmer, auto water fill, removable parts tree, customized motor and heater voltages, 24/77-day timer, and filtration upgrades.


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