8 Reasons to Build Presses with Graymills


A new printing press is a huge cost investment for both the manufacturer and the buyer. Decisions made early in the development process can have expensive echoes down the road. Why not bring in the experts early on?

Graymills offers more than just a complete line of standard and custom pumps, tanks, filters, and accessories for the Flexographic and Gravure printing industry - we also offer the knowledge to help you understand which is best for each individual application. Our customers have depended on our reliable, time-tested products to make their presses function optimally for over 80 years. 

Build Your Presses to Last

Graymills can support printing press manufacturing leaders to improve press performance, increase printing speed and efficiency, improve the printing process, increase production, clean machinery, save costs on material, reduce plate issues, manage ink viscosity, and produce better print quality and printing speed.

As the printing industry continues to grow and evolve, Graymills is proud to be a leading provider of products, systems, and solutions that help our customers stay ahead of the curve. We are constantly improving our own processes, in development-mode of new and enhanced products, hustling to keep up with the demands of the printing industry, and delivering maximum results through the high-quality printing press solutions and products we create which stay up-to-date with today's printing technology. With over 80 years of experience serving the printing press industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you build better printing presses that perform at the highest levels.

Here are eight examples of how Graymills supports press builders. 



1. By working together, we make ink flow management a breeze.Ourperistaltic andcentrifugal pumps are best-in-class with innovative design features built for reliability, low maintenance, and long life. They can handle various printing fluids (inks, coatings, adhesives) and come in multiple options to fit your application, meet compliance requirements, and surpass your press performance needs. Our pumps help you control the flow of ink to your press, to help you achieve the desired printing results while minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency.

2. By working together, we minimize print quality problems. Our ink filters and surge suppressorseliminate quality problems from pulsation and also contaminants that can also damage anilox rolls and plug up plates. They can also help you control ink temperature, minimizing solvent losses, ink consumption, and dot structure issues. With sizes for all printing applications, our filters fit your presses and are easy to manage and clean, especially with ourultrasonic cleaners.

3. By working together, we keep your ink system clean. Graymills offers a complete line of filtration products, from filters and screens to purification systems. Our products will help keep your ink system clean, allowing you to produce consistent, high-quality prints. Our line of parts washers and ink cleaning chemistries are also used in pressrooms to minimize maintenance headaches.

4. By working together, we become problem solvers. Our experts and engineers work with press builders to determine the best solutions to work with your presses and printers. We take a consultative approach to learn your pain points and needs and work with you to determine which Graymills products, systems, and solutions will meet their needs best.  

5. By working together, we can build to fit your presses. If one of our products doesn’t meet your performance, branding, or aesthetic needs, we can develop custom products and systems for our customers. With 125,000 square feet of manufacturing space and an entire sheet metal fabrication area, we can build what you dream up. Our electrical engineers can manage control integration as well. You will always have the perfect solution for your presses. 

6. By working together, we get the most out of your press. Graymills offers a variety of services to help you get the most out of your press, including training, installation, and support. Our services can help you keep your press running smoothly and efficiently, ensuring that you get the best possible printing results.

7. We’re there when you need us. Graymills works with our customers to get them the parts they need when they need them. We coordinate with purchase managers on deliveries to develop a schedule that gets the Graymills products to your shop floor when your timeline requires them, keeping your assembly line humming.

8. We are trusted experts. Graymills has been engineering, innovating, and building equipment since 1939. We are located in Broadview, IL, so we are American-made and dedicated to building the industry's best pumps, systems, parts washers, and accessories. Customers from mom-and-pop shops to Fortune 500 companies depend on our equipment; we treat all our customers with the same dedication that’s allowed us to be industry leaders.  


Machinery builders have depended on our reliable, time-tested products to make their products function correctly for over 80 years. Graymills is your trusted solutions partner and we'll be with you every step of the way.

If you are building printing presses, Graymills has solutions for you direct from our Chicagoland factory. With global supply chain issues, we recommend scheduling a consultation with our team to get your answers rolling sooner than later. We are here to help you build the best printing presses in the business, so contact us at sales@graymills.com


More About Graymills Products

We're proud to say that some of the products below have helped build some of the best presses in the world.

Centrifugal Pumps & Tank Systems Printing Press


Centrifugal Ink Pumps Centrifugal pumps are the workhorse of the industry. They are low maintenance, take a lot of abuse, deliver fluids in a non-pulsating flow, and provide in-tank circulation to keep material blended. Most Graymills centrifugal pumps feature “Tri-Rod” open columns, stainless steel rods and shaft, and Teflon™ coating for easy cleaning. These pumps are available with electric, electric explosion-proof, or air motors. Graymills offers a wide range of pumps and motors that comply with most international electrical and safety standards including CE, ATEX Ex, and UL. Quick Demountable (QD and QC) motor options on the H, M, and G series centrifugal pumps speed up press turnaround. Flow is easily controlled by the use of valves, or in the case of air motor models, by the flow of air to the motor.

Peristaltic Pumps for Printing Press

Peristaltic Ink PumpUnlike conventional peristaltic pumps adapted from other industries, Graymills peristaltic or “tube” pumps are engineered specifically for Flexographic and Gravure printing applications and have received U.S. Patent number 5,630,711. Graymills peristaltic pumps easily accommodate a wide variety of fluids form inks and coatings to adhesives – water, solvent, and UV/EB. These innovative design features are especially valuable in the pressroom when short runs require frequent changeover and quick turnaround. Built in the U.S. for reliability, low maintenance, and long life.

All Graymills peristaltic pumps feature a high output gear motor which combines variable speed and reversibility with essential torque. The steel pump housing, which protects the pump against splashing and damage, has a baked on hybrid powder coating for a long lasting durable finish. Three swivel lock fasteners quickly release the pump head cover, without tools or loose parts, facilitating a quick tube change. The Graymills head design allows the tube to run “straight-thru” from the bucket to the print deck, eliminating “pinch points” where kinks form that slow the flow and weaken the tube. Dual roller technology combines just two rollers with a longer compression cycle to provide greater flow with fewer rotations. This results in lower friction, reduced tube fatigue and less flow pulsation.

Superflo® Ink Filters & Surge Suppressors

Superflo® Ink FiltersGraymills Superflo® filters are specially designed for flexo and gravure ink systems, providing effective filtration to eliminate quality problems from contaminants that can also damage costly anilox rolls. Sizes for all printing applications. Filters are available standard (models HFLT/HFST/HFNT) or as surge suppressors (models DDPSFST/DDPSFNT).

Superflo® ink filters are designed to overcome the typical pressure drop and reduced ink flow due to clogging that occurs with ordinary filters. A permanent magnet (optional rare earth megaMAG available) suspended over the intake port traps ferrous particles which find their way into the ink and diffuses the flow outward into the filter screen flutes. Filtered material is trapped on the inside of the removable/reusable stainless steel filter cartridge.

Ink Mixers

Ink Pump MixersTake variables out of your printing process. Keep your color and viscosity more consistent with a full line of ink pump & tank mixers from Graymills. These in-tank mixers keep inks properly blended, which is especially important for users of diaphragm or peristaltic pumps.

Small tank mixers fit 2 and 5 gallon containers. They are available with air motors. Can be mounted to optional lid. Also available to fit in 10, 20 and 30 gallon round tanks.

Tank Mixers for 55 gallon drums are available side or lid mounted. These mixers use piston-powered air motors that run steadily at low RPM for gentler mixing, using less air and reducing noise. These industrial tank mixers are designed to assure mixing throughout the container, even into corners, eliminating dead spots and changes in viscosity or color density. Most units are also available with traditional vane-style motors, which provide higher mixing speeds.

Tanks, Lids, & Liners

Disposable Tank LinersStandard Graymills ink tanks are round to promote circulation and eliminate "dead spots" in corners where heavier materials can drop out and stagnate, causing viscosity and color issues. Tanks are available in 10, 20, or 30 gallon capacity and feature a built-in sump for low pump-down to reduce ink waste. A rolled rim at the top of each tank provides reinforcement while eliminating sharp edges. Removable sparkles casters are included. Tanks are available in 14 gauge epoxy coated mild steel or stainless steel. 

Lids have overlapping rims to reduce evaporation and add strength. A hinged portion allows easy refilling or manual viscosity readings. Holes are provided for return hose and/or bypass. Large handles make lifting easy. Available in nickel plated mild steel or stainless steel.

Optional reusable or disposable tank liners are another way to speed up changeovers.

megaMag™ Filter Magnets

Magnetic Ink FiltersFor Superior protection against anilox scoring/damage. A rare earth magnet in a smooth stainless steel casing, with 10x the pulling power of a standard magnet; megaMAG™ is able to attract metal particles from within the filter body or ink tank. Unlike other rare earth magnets, megaMAG’s domed end design with no crevices releases particles easily when cleaning.

megaMAG™ is available for use in Graymills Superflo® filters HFST and HFNT or on an adjustable bracket (C-37327 or mini-megaMag bracket C-38745) for placing inside a tank or pail. Also available for use in DDFSFST and DDPSFNT surge suppressor filters. Retrofits to all existing Superflo® filters and surge suppressors.

Dial-A-Flow™ Variable Speed Ink Pump Control

Ink Pump Control SystemDial-A-Flow™ Variable Speed Ink Pump Control makes press operation easier and improves print quality. Dial-A-Flow replaces unpredictable and time consuming valve settings in ink delivery systems. Using one simple dial on a small control box, it’s quick and easy to set the ink flow rate needed, freeing up operators for other tasks and achieving better, more consistent results. Available for most new/existing centrifugal ink pumps. Operates on 50/60 Hz., UL U.S./Canada listed. NOT FOR USE IN SOLVENT ENVIRONMENTS.

Printclean HP Indigo Edition Parts Washer

Indigo Press Parts WasherDesigned with Assistance from the Experts at HP!

This product was created specifically to clean BIDs and tanks/lids from the HP Indigo Digital Press. The parts cleaner was designed with input from HP Indigo experts to operate with HP Imaging Oil, reducing disposal headaches.  The Graymills HP Indigo Edition parts cleaner leverages over 80 years of Graymills experience in graphics and parts washing.

The Printclean is available in two sizes: PCL554 for narrow machines and the PCL654 for wider machines.

Ink Pump Accessories & Parts

Ink Pump HosesGraymills offers one of the most extensive lines of ink pump hoses and pressroom accessories on the market. These include - hoses, fountain supply nozzles, flow controls, tank liners, basket strainers, ink funnels, Zahn Cups, air filter/regulator/lubricator, quick connectors, and fittings. Specialty line for peristaltic pump and ink pump accessories. Full range of genuine replacement parts for all Graymills Systems. This includes motors, impellers, rotors, pump heads, diaphragms, shafts, gaskets, etc.



Our products are backed by 80 years of printing press experience. As a company, we know what it takes to build a quality press. We support press manufacturers worldwide, from China to Germany to Italy. Visitgraymills.comor give us a call at 1-800-GRAYMILLS to learn more about how we can help you build better printing presses.

“Total Perspective” is Confusion-Free, Risk-Free, and Worry-Free

No ConfusionHow do you decide which pump or parts washer is the best for your specific application? Picking the best solution can be a confusing process; there are dozens of types and hundreds of options. With our unmatched selection of products, Graymills offers you a “Total Perspective” that others can’t rival. Unlike companies with a limited selection who will simply steer you toward what they have to offer, Graymills can help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each choice. And with our decades of experience, we speak your language and understand your needs.

No RiskWould you buy a car without a test drive or at least kicking the tires a bit? If not, then why would you invest your money, time, and reputation in equipment based solely on promises from a salesperson? With Graymills, there is no reason for you to risk it. With our demo pumps and complimentary cleaning tests, you can try BEFORE you buy. Why risk something unproven when you can be comfortable that what you ordered will work as you hoped?

No Worries“Confusion-Free” and “Risk-Free” means that you can relax. By working together and talking through your needs, wants, and budget, you can be sure you picked – and tested – the right equipment. And we’ll stand behind it with our generous warranty. Our products are built to last, and we’re proud of that fact. Now get back to doing what you do best.

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