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What do Coca-Cola® and Viagra® have to do with cleaning fluids?

by Tom Kucklick, Technical Sales/Applications Specialist, Graymills Corporation

I was thinking about Coca-Cola the other day.  Today, it’s one of the world’s most famous brand names but it was originally invented to combat morphine addiction, treat headaches and relieve anxiety.  And then I thought about Viagra - originally created for anti-seizures …. and we all know what it’s used for today.  Hmm - products made for one purpose which then successfully morph into new markets.

That made me consider our own Graymills unintended discovery - Inkitene GM975.  We first developed Inkitene for the printing industry in 2018 to clean water-based and UV
Inkiteneinks, coatings, and adhesives.  It’s an aqueous cleaner - ultra-powerful with a natural cleaner/degreaser that’s safe for use with aluminum and non-ferrous alloys. 

So one day as we were looking at an industrial cleaner filled with Inkitene and we had some dirty parts; we wondered “what the heck?”

And voilá, we discovered that Inkitene is a great solution for general industrial grime - and works like a dream on all kinds of industrial oils and greases.  And best of all, it works in a variety of our parts washer machines from immersion parts washers to spray and even in ultrasonic.

So if you’re looking for a pleasant-smelling, hydroxide-free cleaning fluid, with a mild corrosion inhibitor to clean all your aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, and steel parts  - take a look at Inkitene - our unintended discovery!

About Tom Kucklick

Tom Kucklick from GraymillsTom is our “professional problem solver” at Graymills - the go-to person for any and all technical issues and application questions. He has extensive management, sales engineering, international sales and technical expertise in the fields of industrial capital equipment and OEM mass produced products. Tom also has significant hands-on experience in the sales, design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and operation of industrial manufacturing machinery, integrated manufacturing systems, and the manufacture of metal products. Contact Tom at



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